Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Merlinpeen

We go through blogging spurts. I'd like to think of it as being too busy living actual life but really, it might just be a sometimes half-hearted commitment to this blog or blogging laziness. We have somehow found the time to watch an inordinate amount of BSG as we continue our progression through season two. And we can't forget 30 Rock (as referenced in the subject line), one of the only reasons our live TV goes on each week. Anyway.

Our holiday festivities are in full-force. Here's some pics from our ward Christmas party a few weeks ago. Cameron made this giant stocking to hang in front of the huge projected fireplace.

Sawyer joined the primary kids singing Jingle Bells. He shook those bells with vigor.

Hudson made up for his Jingle Bells stage fright by later stealing the microphone, which was on, and singing into it during the group sing-a-long. Cameron and I were distracted. He got applause.

Cameron and some friends played a few numbers:

And, Santa Claus made his yearly appearance:

After four and a half years living in the city, Cameron and I finally went ice skating at one of the city venues. On Monday we joined some design friends from school and hit up Bryant Park. They don't allow electronics on the ice, so this phone photo is illegal and the best we could do to commemorate the occasion. :)

On Wednesday we went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. We took the boys to see the Rockefeller Center tree beforehand:

Don't worry, the scarf is mine, not Sawyer's.

Radio City Music Hall:

Sorry, this was the only picture we got of the Rockettes. Their other costumes looked like actual clothes :) The boys kept kicking their own legs in their seats.

The boys call it the "Dancing Santa Show":

The show ends with a reading from the Bible and a tasteful depiction of the Nativity. The boys loved the live camels. It was really touching in this setting.

Unfortunately, we now have two sick kids so our focus has shifted to getting them healthy before flying to Vegas on Thursday. Merry Christmas!

Packaging fun...

...but not so fun to clean up. Especially when all the peanuts got static-y and started sticking to every surface of the box, the boys, the floor, my clothes, etc. That's when I brought out the anti-static spray and sprayed everything in a six foot radius.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Need a pick me up? People on the streets of Manhattan tell what they're thankful for.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

big think

I happened upon this interview of John Irving on a website called It was interesting and well-made. To be honest, I can't vouch for the content on the rest of the website, but if you click on the "experts" tab at the top, there's a huge archive of interviews you can delve into. They have everyone from Nobel prize winners to the guy who owns Magnolia Bakery. I know this might be boring to some, but I could watch these all day.

Speaking of Magnolia, we finally tried famous the banana pudding. Wow.


Halloween is a big deal in the King family. We've been talking about costumes, practicing Trick-or-Treating and looking at Halloween books & catalogs since August. The boys decided to be Pixar characters for Halloween and LOVED dressing up–
Sawyer as Mike Wazowski and
Hudson as Buzz Lightyear.

We had our ward Fall Fest on Halloween, where there was food and fun, including trick-or-treating for the kids, a mini-carnival and a photo-shoot by Cameron of all the kids in their costumes. Check out how cute they are.

Hudson loading up on candy...

Cameron and me at the Fall Fest. Unfortunately we broke tradition, for a multitude of reasons, and didn't dress up this year. But don't worry– we'll be back in full force next year...

After the Fall Fest, we headed over to 69th, where they block off the streets just for trick-or-treating. We were all pretty much zombies by this point, but we managed to make our way down the street on our way home.

Sawyer cruising 69th:

Friday, November 13, 2009

carving time...

we're finally getting around to posting some halloween :). we'll start with pumpkins:

sawyer was so excited he wouldn't stop rolling his hands and laughing.

the boys wanted to make a "flying dinosaur pumpkin".

Hudson's Photo Shoot

Hudson stole my phone and went on a photo-shooting spree. He took 153 pictures and videos while I was doing the dishes. Here are some of our favorites:

Friday, November 6, 2009

to Cameron

You mean more than everything to the three of us.

We love you so much.

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

day tripper

Yesterday was our annual fall foliage tour :) Last year we explored Connecticut and upstate New York, so this year we headed west through NJ and into Pennsylvania. We almost canceled due to rain, but it turned out to be beautiful and overcast while we were out of the car and only rainy while we drove.

This is what a lot of the roads looked like:

Peak time for leaves in PA is next weekend but they were still really beautiful:

We stopped here for some apple picking:

Then went to Dilly's, a little diner Cameron remembered from one of his Martha photo shoots back in the day.

After lunch, we drove along the Delaware:

And passed such cute towns as Frenchtown, PA. Does this not look like a movie set? Stars Hollow, anyone? In my opinion, charming little towns like this are one of the coolest things about the East...

Our last stop was the Crayola factory in Easton, PA. They have a demonstration about how they make crayons and markers + lots of fun crafts and activities for the kids to do. Does anyone else remember this? We were hoping they would play that awesome music but unfortunately they didn't...

This is Sawyer coloring on a glass wall. Don't worry, he's supposed to.

Hudson painting with melted crayons. Don't worry, he's supposed to. :)

A small canal museum is housed in the same building as the Crayola factory and comes with your admission. Each kid gets a boat that they take through a series of waterways and canals. Kind of random but the boys loved it. Sawyer's actually turning a wheel to move the boats up this ramp:

The end!