Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Merlinpeen

We go through blogging spurts. I'd like to think of it as being too busy living actual life but really, it might just be a sometimes half-hearted commitment to this blog or blogging laziness. We have somehow found the time to watch an inordinate amount of BSG as we continue our progression through season two. And we can't forget 30 Rock (as referenced in the subject line), one of the only reasons our live TV goes on each week. Anyway.

Our holiday festivities are in full-force. Here's some pics from our ward Christmas party a few weeks ago. Cameron made this giant stocking to hang in front of the huge projected fireplace.

Sawyer joined the primary kids singing Jingle Bells. He shook those bells with vigor.

Hudson made up for his Jingle Bells stage fright by later stealing the microphone, which was on, and singing into it during the group sing-a-long. Cameron and I were distracted. He got applause.

Cameron and some friends played a few numbers:

And, Santa Claus made his yearly appearance:

After four and a half years living in the city, Cameron and I finally went ice skating at one of the city venues. On Monday we joined some design friends from school and hit up Bryant Park. They don't allow electronics on the ice, so this phone photo is illegal and the best we could do to commemorate the occasion. :)

On Wednesday we went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. We took the boys to see the Rockefeller Center tree beforehand:

Don't worry, the scarf is mine, not Sawyer's.

Radio City Music Hall:

Sorry, this was the only picture we got of the Rockettes. Their other costumes looked like actual clothes :) The boys kept kicking their own legs in their seats.

The boys call it the "Dancing Santa Show":

The show ends with a reading from the Bible and a tasteful depiction of the Nativity. The boys loved the live camels. It was really touching in this setting.

Unfortunately, we now have two sick kids so our focus has shifted to getting them healthy before flying to Vegas on Thursday. Merry Christmas!

Packaging fun...

...but not so fun to clean up. Especially when all the peanuts got static-y and started sticking to every surface of the box, the boys, the floor, my clothes, etc. That's when I brought out the anti-static spray and sprayed everything in a six foot radius.