Sunday, September 20, 2009

Conversation overheard:

Cameron: Hudson, don't eat your shirt.

Hudson: But I want to eat my shirt.

Cameron: We spend lots of good money for you to have nice clothes and we don't want you to eat them.

(Erin: It ruins them, honey.)

Cameron: If you're hungry, tell us and we'll get you some food to eat.

Hudson: But I want to eat shirts.

Cameron: Then get one of your old shirts to eat. But, I want you to eat the whole thing.

Hudson: No, it will make me sick.

Cameron: Then don't eat your shirts.

Hudson: But I want to eat shirts.

Practice makes perfect...

Yesterday at the toy store, Hudson and Sawyer got the classic plastic pumpkins to go trick-or-treating with this year. When we got home they said that they needed to practice for Halloween. These are the costumes they pieced together...

I love Sawyer in this wig.

Hudson sporting his old Nacho Libre cape.

This is when Sawyer started playing peek-a-boo with the wig.

Don't worry... we'll intervene before Halloween :)

We like cheese.