Monday, August 31, 2009


President Eyring has an iphone. And he downloads apps. That is cool on so many levels. Just sayin'.

My little shadows...

...follow me around every time I sit down to do anything on my computer or read any sort of book. Today I sat down at our little table by the window to write a letter to Kevin, and within a minute Hudson and Sawyer stopped what they were happily playing with and ran over to squeeze themselves in the tiny space between my chair and the wall. Oh, just because :) I grabbed my phone to snap their picture in the moment. Although I may miss having lots of personal space at times, I wouldn't trade these guys for anything.

At the park...

The boys were playing with some friends we saw at the playground today, when suddenly the elephant fountains turned on. They all decided to get soaking wet in their long jeans and long-sleeved shirts (it was in the 60s when we left the house...). Then when one boy got to take off his wet clothes, they ALL wanted to take off their wet clothes and then we were left with lots of pale skin and sneakers :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rocks are fun.

The boys and I take walks by the river a lot. There's one area full of landscape rocks that we usually pass on by. However, last week I learned that we are missing out on one of the best little boy attractions down there. Throwing rocks, carrying rocks around, building rock houses and towers, and trying to run and throw them in the river before Mom will stop me (Sawyer). They loved it. I'm sure we will spend much more time in the rock patch from now on.

(Sawyer carried around this letter "B" all day...)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I love when people do cool stuff on a grand scale, just for fun :)

Yesterday, San Francisco transformed its famous "crooked" Lombard street into an enormous Candy Land board to celebrate Candy Land's 60th birthday. How cool is that?

Kids from a children's hospital and a for-kids non-profit organization got to play the giant board.

At the end, everyone got to eat this amazing birthday cake.

*Photos from

Sunday, August 16, 2009

trek across the bridge

hudson demanded he ride in the ergo...

waiting for grimaldi's to open... first in line!

with our lovely friends, the clawsons...

little boy feet :)

Rauschenberg, Braque, Picasso, or Hudson?

Rocket, 2009. Assemblage.
by Hudson King

This latest installation in the Museum of Artistic Toddlers (MoAT) utilizes the mundane commercial toys found in a single urban living room. Each piece symbolizes the artist's interpretation of life from a 36-inch vantage point. The monolithic scooter serves as the focal point, capturing adolescent mobility juxtaposed with toddler stability. The side-stepped running shoe that intersects with the scooter symbolizes the artist's desire for control. Rules. Guidance. However, this contradicts with the "paternal pedal of punk" that gives fuel to the fire to break all bounds while each miniature automobile simultaneously signals a different path the artist could follow. His choices are so meaningful, yet so small.

On display for a limited time only in the main gallery. Scratch that. The installation had to removed from the gallery before bedtime.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Be afraid... be very afraid...

Let's make something clear. Hudson LOVES Grandma. He talks about her all the time and informed us that he was going to "leave [us] here and go live with Grandma in Las Vegas. And I'm going to be naked in the airport."


While we were there, Grandma selflessly watched all the boys so that we could go see Harry Potter. When we came home she told us about this conversation.

Hudson: "Grandma, I want that cup." (glass goblet from Jenna's birthday breakfast on the counter)
Grandma: "Sorry, but you can't have that cup."
Hudson: "I said I want that cup."
Grandma: "And, I said you can't have that cup."
(defeated Hudson goes and plays for a minute then comes back over to Grandma)
Hudson: "A bad man is going to come and take you away and I'm going to get that cup."

What?! Where did the evil plotting come from? We can't remember ever talking to Hudson about "a bad man". Oh, well. At least he's creative :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

summer vacation

We spent July visiting family in Vegas and Utah... the boys were so
excited for the trip they tried to pack themselves :)

Grandma & Grandpa armed them with plenty of toys including
awesome rocket launchers...

& plenty of snow cones in the 105°+ weather.

Love this picture :)

These five can be a handful all together but
they had a great time.

Then it was off to UT to drop my brother Kevin off at the MTC.
He's headed to Paraguay.

The little guys love Uncle Kevin...

That night we hit up the Spanish Fork Carnival...

and SF Rodeo (our first one!) Loved it...
especially the mutton bustin'.

For the rest of the week we had lots of King cousin time.

At the Bountiful Handcart Days Parade...

These two were all for snuggling...

The boys first trip to Temple Square.
Sawyer slept through most of it :)

24th of July... watching fireworks after a trip to the lake.