Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cabin fever.

Winter is hard. Especially for active toddlers who are cooped up inside when it's too cold. We consider 40s warm, outside weather. Here are a few random samplings of us trying to keep busy...


This doesn't exactly have a name.

The boys like to stuff their blankets into their jammies...

With their bears in their backs and then bounce into each other on the couch.

Sawyer puts on Hudson's underwear over his clothes.

Worms, babies, burritos, this game has many names depending on their moods.

Pirate duels with daddy. Yo-ho, Yo-ho! (A youtube clip of that song was playing in the background)


Our third son Teddy even got in on the action. He was the pirate parrot atop the mast.


Courtnie said...

Hilarious! Love it!

nicokekeematipili said...

Love the worm/ burrito picture. The boys are to stinkin cute
I miss you guys!